• Bate & Intimacy

    An in-person self-pleasuring ritual

    with Dr. Jallen Rix

    DR Studios, New York City

    (specific Koreatown address is given when ticket is purchased)

    Friday, Feb 16, 2024, 7pm

    Most people only experience masturbation alone. Yet, self-pleasuring can also be enjoyed in the company and camaraderie of other ‘bators. In fact, since the pandemic, lots of men have had that amazing feeling of connecting with other bators through their computer screens. Still, taking the time to meet in-person can affirm your self-love within a safe group of like-hearted guys generating a deeper sense of intimacy, connection and empowerment.

    You’re invited to lose your layers and self-pleasure with a group of guys with the express purpose of increasing the level of intimacy in your bate practice. Sexologist Jallen Rix will guide you through ritual into enriched pleasure with your phallus and others, creating outstanding satisfaction and affirmation for your Sexual Being.

    All self-identified men are welcome regardless of shape, size, adult age, looks, ability, skill level, whether you get hard or not, or whether you cum or not. Rather than performance being the goal, PLEASURE is the goal. Simply be open to connect and the rest will take care of itself. No need to isolate this Valentine’s Season or in your bate practice, join us for a wonderful time of seeing and being seen as whole and glorious Sexual Beings!

    To accommodate the limited space, there are only 30 tickets, first-cum, first-served, $25 by CC in advance, or $30 cash only at the door. Get more information and your advanced ticket here:

  • conta.cc/3SEqglh 


  • Does your sexuality feel “never good enough”?
  • Are you afraid if people really knew what you’d love to do sexuality, they would reject you?
  • Is sex just not as fun as it used to be?
  • Are you “too much in your head” to be your uniquely sexy self?
  • Are you too worried about what your partner thinks of you to have a good time in bed?
  • Does past trauma still get in the way of deeply enjoying sexual pleasure?

I’m Dr. Jallen Rix, and I am a sexologist. No really, I have a Doctorate of Education in Human Sexuality. I practice sex therapy and coaching in Palm Springs California, and I am bringing my innovative “West Coast” approach to your NYC sexuality from Feb 17 – 28th. I have spent over 25 years accumulating a set of skills that can support you in your sexual journey: tantra, massage (shiatsu and Swedish), sacred intimacy, prostate/sphincter relaxation, sexual meditation, embodied integration, body movement meditation, surrogate partnership and more… All these practices are available to my clients and they are available to you!

Our time together can focus on… 

  • answering your most tantalizing sex questions,
  • helping you build greater body confidence and a stronger sex-esteem,
  • relaxing and destressing to allow pleasure to take priority in your body,
  • learning techniques to enjoy greater intimacy with partners,
  • exploring your deepest darkest fantasies.
  • creating an interactive, erotic experience that will transform your body/mind/spirit connections to the next level.

You deserve an experience that maximizes your sensual pleasure and also touches your soul. At the same time you’ll be learning how to translate all this fun into your own relationships and connections.

Shame and fear are the ultimate sexual party poopers! Don’t let them hold you back. Together we can leave fear behind, tread a path out of shame, and lead you into the hot and sexy full-bodied experiences you desire. 

Reach out to me and let’s schedule some time for you to improve your sexuality! Let me be your compassionate, intuitive, sexuality guide.


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