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Hi. I’m Dr. Jallen Rix and this is my first video blog.

“You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile!” Those words I was just playing with are from probably one of the most memorable Star Trek Villains, “The Borg.” And they’re a perfect villain of American culture because we seemingly pride ourselves on being rugged individualists, proud of our uniqueness, diversity and creative gifts that can be valued and shared with others.

And yet as the issues surrounding bulling come to the forefront, our culture has realized there are some very harmful ways we do not celebrate an individual’s uniqueness, especially when those individuals don’t conform to a heterosexual standard, or when a couple who want’s to get married is not heterosexual. This is called straight supremacy. It’s the belief that no one is qualitatively as good as a heterosexual. I know that when it’s put so overtly it sounds almost silly, but there many ways this subtle belief corrupts our everyday lives and what’s worse, there are organizations that actively promote this idea.

Take for example, Exodus International. They are the “ministry” that tried to put out the “cure the gays” iPone App. I know the organization pretty well since I turned to them to try and become straight – which didn’t work, and actually sent my into therapy for years to recovery from the damage they caused. Oddly enough, with all this iphone attention, Exodus has announced, and I quote “In no way shape or form is our message about trying to cure,” What?! After 40 years of existing on the very premise that “homosexuals can be healed, you can change, and there is a way out.” They are now saying they have no cure? You probably can hear the word games they are playing. Most likely, they are saying, “We don’t cure you, God cures you.” “Cured,” “healed,” “changed,” “heterosexually challenged,” — There’s no end to the lingo ex-gay leadership coins to hook you in and take it back in the same breath.

So what if, after all these years, after all the harm these ex-gay organizations have wrought on those who trusted them, what if they come clean and admit they can’t really change someone from gay to straight, what is left for them to offer? Straight supremacy! You can be assimilated! That’s why they have baseball games for the guys and make overs for the women. It’s like they have stolen the unconditional love of God and put a “but ya gotta be straight” clause on the end of it. They simply believe it would be “God’s best” for you to be in a heterosexual marriage, regardless of your authentic sexuality. It’s straight-supremacy and they continue to ignore the devastation it causes in most of the people who turn to them for help.

So don’t be duped. God’s love has no “but.” And you can find people who love you unconditionally. You are not alone. If you are an ex-gay survivor, go to beyondexgay.com, where there is a community that will listen to your story. Most of all, you are a beautiful, unique person and your sexuality is just as much a part of your beauty as your spirituality. Thanks for reading!

Original publish date: March 25, 2011

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