• Does your sexuality feel “never good enough”?
  • Are you afraid if people really knew what you’d love to do sexuality, they would reject you?
  • Is sex just not as fun as it used to be?
  • Are you “too much in your head” to be your uniquely sexy self?
  • Are you too worried about what your partner thinks of you to have a good time in bed?
  • Does past trauma still get in the way of deeply enjoying sexual pleasure?

I’m Dr. Jallen Rix, and I am a sexologist. No really, I have a Doctorate of Education in Human Sexuality. I practice sex therapy and coaching in Palm Springs California, and I am bringing my innovative “West Coast” approach to your NYC sexuality from July 13th to the 25th. I have spent over 25 years accumulating a set of skills that can support you in your sexual journey: tantra, massage (shiatsu and Swedish), sacred intimacy, prostate/sphincter relaxation, sexual meditation, embodied integration, body movement meditation, surrogate partnership and more… All these practices are available to my clients and they are available to you!

Our time together can focus on… 

  • answering your most tantalizing sex questions,
  • helping you build greater body confidence and a stronger sex-esteem,
  • relaxing and destressing to allow pleasure to take priority in your body,
  • learning techniques to enjoy greater intimacy with partners,
  • exploring your deepest darkest fantasies.
  • creating an interactive, erotic experience that will transform your body/mind/spirit connections to the next level.

You deserve an experience that maximizes your sensual pleasure and also touches your soul. At the same time you’ll be learning how to translate all this fun into your own relationships and connections.

Shame and fear are the ultimate sexual party poopers! Don’t let them hold you back. Together we can leave fear behind, tread a path out of shame, and lead you into the hot and sexy full-bodied experiences you desire. 

July 13 – 25, West 56th Street & Broadway
90 minutes session = $180.
Discounts for multiple sessions and extended time periods (2 hours or more).

Reach out to me and let’s schedule some time for you to improve your sexuality! Let me be your compassionate, intuitive, sexuality guide.


Enjoy Dr. Rix's NYC Workshop Opportunities:

Courageous Body Positivity

Two Workshops exploring body acceptance and pleasure

  • Are you often uncomfortable in your own skin?
  • Do you feel like your body will never measure up to the unrealistic standards by which you and others judge it?
  • Do you feel like your body has betrayed you?

Our bodies are indeed under attack! Judgement, perfectionism, and lookism are at an all-time high in the media. How a person looks and what a person wears can be criticized instantly to millions in a single tweet. In this virulent climate, can anyone hope to ever feel good about their body? 

Without a doubt, what we believe about our bodies is what we believe about ourselves. These beliefs can have a definitive effect on not only our daily lives, but for the rest of our lives as well. Feeling actually good about our physical state seems almost impossible.

Join Dr. Rix in a lively discussion and workshop while he visits New York from California as he addresses the struggle men can have enjoying and celebrating their bodies. In these consensual safe spaces, you will take tangible steps towards a courageous and positive body image, regardless of shape, size or age. Build a stronger sex-esteem and body image. You might be closer than you think to breaking through negative beliefs and stepping into deeper body confidence and self-love, so join us!

There are two opportunities to explore. Attend one or both: 

Courageous Body Acceptance – The Discussion
Friday, July 13, 7-9pm

This discussion provides you with plenty of body positive content, tips and tricks to move your perspective into a more compassionate approach to body acceptance and enjoyment. We benefit from each other’s experiences, so your stories and struggle are valued, too. You will come away with lots of new angles and helpful ideas to enjoy a stronger body positivity. This discussion is sponsored by Men’s Naked Drawing Group, and therefore is always clothes optional, but not required. Space is limited. Tickets will go fast:

Courageous Body Acceptance – The interactive Experience
Thursday, July 19, 7-9pm

This clothing optional workshop puts body positivity into action. Not only will we talk about more accessible models of self-love, we will practice them in consensual interactive exercises and surprisingly fun experiments. Do you want to feel good about your body? Then join us and experience greater body freedom like never before! Tickets will go fast:

Both workshops are located at:
3FS (3rd Floor Studio)
51 W 14th St 3rd floor,
ew York, NY 10011

14 St (1,2,3,F,L,M), 14 St-Union Sq (L,N,Q,R,W,4,5,6)

How to find us
Buzzer: 3F STUDIOS (NOTE: 3rd floor, no elevator)


Men’s Sacred Self-Pleasuring Circle

Wednesday, July 18, 8-10pm

Connect with your glorious phallus at this special event that is part ancient ritual, part self-love, and a lot of parts nasty bonding with your ‘bator brothers. Dr. Rix brings this monthly event he hosts in Palm Springs to consenting New York brothers who want to enjoy a uniquely masculine sexuality experience. Connect to deep love for your personal arousal surrounded by the acceptance of other men doing the same thing. To read all about the MSSC experience go here: http://maxm2m.com/mssc.html

We will start together as a group. Please arrive at 8pm. The doors will be locked at 8:15.

$25 – $40, sliding scale. -$5 discount for Daddy Retreat Gold/Silver members. Pay cash or CC at the door.

What to bring:
Water to stay hydrated
Towel for personal clean up
Bag to put personal belongs in

This event will likely sell out, so please RSVP with Dr. Rix directly:
415-720-1075, jallenrix@me.com

Located at:
3FS (3rd Floor Studio)
51 W 14th St 3rd floor,
ew York, NY 10011
14 St (1,2,3,F,L,M), 14 St-Union Sq (L,N,Q,R,W,4,5,6)

How to find us
Buzzer: 3F STUDIOS (NOTE: 3rd floor, no elevator)


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