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The ex-gay movement has been around for decades now, and for those of us who have been through it, we’re never that surprise when it shows un the media a complete fraud. So take it from our voice of experience, here are 3 facts, you need to know about so-call “Conversion Therapy”

  1. The ex-gay movement is not therapy. For a long time now, phycological organizations have asked the ex-gay movement, “so you say you can change gays to straights, please show us how? show us your method of therapy” and to date there has never been a single piece of research that shows their method can change anyone from gay to straight. They have succeeded in getting the media to call the ex-gay movement “reparative or conversion therapy.” but there is no therapeutic process. I’m even uncomfortable calling it “conversion therapy” because it sort of legitimazes something that does exist, that’s why I try to say “so-called CT”. I have a friend who says so-called conversion therapy is niether – it don’t convert and it’s ain’t therapy.

Which brings us to the second fact and what they really are….

2. The ex-gay moment is an extreme religious ministry. Consider this: I have yet to meet an ex-gay leader who is atheist. – think about that. This is a group of people who believe that God has told them that homosexuality has not place in “GOd’s perfect order” In fact, most mainstream religions are now distancing themselves from these ministries, because too many of the tactics and methods are cult-like. These are very dangerous and damaging beliefs indeed.

and that’s the last fact you need to know…

3. The ex-gay movement does far greater harm than good. Imagine if you were confused an vulnerable about your sexuality and I told you that your experience of sexuality is invalid and broken and God wants it cut out and erased, and then I’m going to impose my beliefs about sexuality on you, and if you don’t do exactly as I say your going to burn in hell” Not only is that a kind of sexual abuse, it is spiritual abuse as well. Take it from thousands of people who have been through this ordeal – this is not healthy, this is abuse. Under the leadership of these so-called ministries, people have experienced self-loathing, self-destructive behaviors, coercion, trauma and even suicide. If this was a pharmaceutical business that promised a pill that they professed to change you from gay to straight, they would sewed for fraud. People would go to jail for the damages. But because they have ministry status, they can get away with murder.

You now know better. Don’t be fooled by their extreme religiosity all dressed up psychological-like.

and if you are someone who s struggling with their sexuality. You are not broken. You are not alone. I and many others want to support you. Reach out and you will find love and support and acceptance.


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