Jallen Embarks on OnlyFans!

In my continuing journey to maximize my Sexual Being in a public way, I have found OnlyFans provides a great platform where I can be my explicit sexy self, and thereby exemplify the many options of sexual satisfaction that are available for all of us to share and enjoy. I don’t want to just think or talk about sexual fulfillment, I want to live it everyday!


Subscribers will be a part of:

  • Cutting-edge and inspiring insights to enrich your sex life with yourself and others (along with demos!)
  • Entries from my video Jack Off Journal dating back to 2006 (Jallen through the years!).
  • Previews and first-dibs on projects and workshops that are coming up. 
  • Regularly released new content – scenes, photos, stories and videos that you’d expect from FansOnly, but from a “Jallen” point of view.

This is your opportunity to deep dive with me into experiencing my online Sexual Being, and frankly, it excites me to have you join me on this ride together.


To start us off, I’m embarking on 30 DAYS OF SEXY in which I’ll be posting a new entry every day for the next 30 days. Further, if you sign up in the month of August you’ll get a 35% off the first month’s price – only $5.20, so join me on this adventure, won’t you? It’s both scary and thrilling to intimately open myself up to you like never before. I’m looking forward to generating loads of sexual energy and abundance together. Let’s have some fun!

To get in on the ground level, subscribe here:



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