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Maximizing M2M Pleasure

An afternoon workshop for men who want to connect with men.

Facilitated by: Sexologist, Dr. Jallen Rix And by: Success Coach and Massage Healer, Mark Hollenstein



Do you sometimes find sex confusing, complicated or difficult?

Do you find yourself stuck or frustrated in your sex life?

Do you feel isolated behind a computer reaching out to men, but not touching or connecting with your whole body and personhood?

Do you want to feel more sexually confident?

Do you desire to open yourself to greater sensual possibilities?



M2M024Let us help you:

Break through long-held beliefs that keep you locked in unconscious shame.

Learn healing techniques to release negative emotions that hold back your sexual freedom.

Experiment with options to fulfill more of your sexual desires.

Receive and give intentional, arousing touch with respect for your personal boundaries

Build a stronger “sex-esteem!”


At Max M2M explore your unique sexuality with other men in a safe and nurturing environment. Participate in sexy group exercises, honest sharing, lively facilitation and a few fun surprises, to more fully experience a rich, satisfying and open-hearted sex life.

m2m055“This workshop touched both my heart and my libido in ways I did not expect. While it was not the first time I’ve been in a room full of naked men in a sexually charged situation, it was the first time I’ve felt such a deep connection and respect for our common history and paths. I left with my heart a bit softer and my libido recharged.” — Tim, Los Angeles


“Attending the M2M Workshop was a wonderful opportunity to peel back the layers and connect with other men in a safe, relaxed and non-threatening way. Learning that we share many of the same issues, regardless of our age, race or background, helped to bring us together and build a stronger community with deeper connections.” — Eric, San Francisco


“This workshop was one of the most intimate experiences with other men that I have ever had. It allowed for a look into myself–at my preconceptions, my beliefs, my fears, and desires. It truly was a life-changing day. And it was a blast on top of it!” — Tom, San Francisco


Here’s a few questions that get asked about the workshop all the time… along with our answers, too. If you have more questions, please do contact us…

m2m109Q. What exactly will be going on (said with a scandalous tone)? A. This is a fun workshop of interactive exercises and education, which starts a process that continues throughout the day. Each activity is built on the one before it, resulting in more sexual pleasure, awareness, and healing the farther we proceed. As the activities move along, you’ll be given the option to remove layers (literally and figuratively) to feel more freedom and acceptance. By the end of the day, we may do some self-pleasuring, but no one will be jacking others off. Always, you participate to the degree to which you feel comfortable, and you will be honored for your boundaries. Let’s face it, in our society we all can use more touch and sexual understanding. Often times, the only way this can be achieved is through experiences. Participants will support and empower each other to learn better communication and touch skills, not just a pat on the back, but connecting in ways that feel good. We (Mark and Jallen) will be there constantly to make sure the space stays a safe and consensual environment. Most of all, these fun activities are designed for you to take home with you and enjoy in your own interactions. Join us and find out what good things can happen for you in this workshop.

m2m123Q. Who is this workshop for? A. This workshop is for you! It is designed for any self-identified male who wants to more fully enjoy their sensual connection with other men. We have had men attend who are in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s, (80’s, anyone?). These men are of different ethnicities. We have had monogamous couples attend together; guys in open and poly relationships attend individually, single guys who want to build relationships, and guys who just want to have fun. Men of all shapes and sizes have enjoyed this experience together. Since sexuality can reflect just how diverse humanity can be, we have purposefully created the day for just about any kind of man that likes men.

Q. What if I don’t want to take my clothes off? A. You don’t have to! We will not make you do anything beyond your own boundaries. You can count of everyone respecting wherever you draw your lines of consent. This workshop is just like Aretha Franklin–It’s all about: RESPECT! Because of this safe environment, the workshop allows participants to stretch yourselves a little–experimenting by going a bit beyond your current comfort zone. That’s what experimenting is all about, but the bottom line is you will ALWAYS be in complete control of what you chose to do.

Q. I don’t know, this seems like a tall order to fit into just an afternoon. A. Well you got us there, the one-day workshop is a stand-alone experience. It’s an opportunity to grow and change and take some skills home to use in your life. However, the workshop is also a condensed version of a weekend intensive retreat that we want to expand on soon. We have found that once participants get started and they see how beneficial this process can be, they keep going and want more. Without tooting our own horns, lots of wonderful experiences can result when just an afternoon is spent discovering the potential of your sexual freedom. Give it a try! You have nothing to lose but old ways of being that no longer serve you. m2m079

Q. What if this opens up all kinds of issues for me? A. We have been leading workshops and retreats for over 2 decades. We are skilled and trained to support you in the moment as your experience unfolds. Additionally, we have immediate resources to offer you in finding the best way to take care of yourself. Furthermore, we are often available the day after a workshop to make appointments individually if you want some face-to-face time with either of us.

rsz_1rsz_mark_aura_headshot-2Certified massage therapist, success coach, and former pastor, Mark Hollenstein has helped people transform their lives for over 30 years! His passion for helping gay men step into their authentic selves, free of religious and societal shame, fuels his healing work in sacred sexuality.His humor and clear-cut compassionate style makes him approachable and fun. Feel free to contact Mark with any questions and learn more about his work here:
Sex educator, author and activist Jallen Rix holds a Doctorate of Education in Sexology from Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco, where he is a Professor. He maintains a private practice in Palm Springs CA, which includes personal consulting, sacred intimacy work, and surrogate-style partner experiences. He has appeared on talk shows, like Our America with Lisa Ling on Oprah’s OWN Channel, and ABC’s News Magazine 20/20. He is a leading expert on the damaging effects of ex-gay  ministries and so-call “reparative therapy.” His book, Ex-Gay No Way: Survival and Recovery from Religious Abuse, was nominated as best non-fiction books of 2010 by the Lambda Literary Foundation. His film, Lewd & Lascivious: The 1965 Police Raid on California Hall premiered to sold out crowds at Frameline 2013, San Francisco’s LGBTQ film festival, and won the AASECT Media Award for 2014. His latest project is a solo-performance piece that has so far graced stages in California and Seattle, called, Stake In The Ground: Celebrating the Intersection of Self-pleasuring and Self-compassion.
Feel free to contact Jallen with any questions… 415-720-1075

“We are delighted to join forces, once again, to bring you this exciting hands-on experience. See you there!”

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