Here it is! My first book is now on the shelves!

It's true! The fine people at Findhorn Press have published my book. Learn more about it at Ex-gay No Way . Here's an exerpt from the book on advocate.com: Coming out to Parents.

I have been a sex columnist for a number of years now. Below are just a few of the dozens of topics I have penned.

Harmful Hetero-Supremacy (advocate.com)

Coming out later in life (advocate.com)

How Many of Us have been Senator Ashburn? (advocate.com)

Sex Disorders According to the APA (advocate.com)

The Upside to Open Relationships (advocate.com)

Gay Pride is Bay Pride is Human Pride (Common Ground Magazine)

Ex-gay Movement = Genocide (advocate.com)

My Sex Ed in Bed columns and other articles have been published in:
Bottomline Magazine
Box Turtle Bulletin
Common Ground Magazine
Echoelon Magazine
Gay Calgary Magazine
Instinct Magazine
New Spirit Journal
Pulp Magazine
San Diego Gay & Lesbian News
San Francisco Bay Gardian
Seattle Gay News
Vitalis News