In 2008 I had a Cable Access TV show in San Francisco called, Sex Ed In Bed. Because the show aired late enough at night, we had the freedom to do, and show just about anything we wanted. Therefore, the below compilation of the show highlights is:


If you are under the age of consent, get your parent's permission before watching this.

Further, if you are an adult and if simply seeing body parts for the purpose of sex education is going to upset you, then this site, in general, is probably not for you.

Otherwise, have fun and I hope you learn something...

Here is a press conference I was a part of for the Anti-Heterosexism Conference in West Palm Beach Florida. It pretty much explains itself...
More to come...
Here are videos about my book Ex-Gay No Way.
Here are my music videos way back from the late 1990's...

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Here's my contribution to the "It Get's Better" Campaign.

Here's my appearance on 20/20 apposing ex-gay ministries. The piece even mentions the early version on my book, Ex-Gay No Way. People have been asking about this, so I finally dug it up on VHS, digitized (sorry for the bad quality) and edited it down for brevity. Although the majority of the piece was focused on ex-gays who have "changed" I felt they did me justice in showing my perspective (a 90min. interview whittled down to about 30 seconds of time).
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