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Published on Jan 24, 2015 To my best friend, Jay Williams on his 55th birthday. We've known each other around 28 years! (gulp!) Thank you for your friendship, acceptance, and everything! Reach out / Stay in Touch... Please let me know how I can support you...

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Today I Turn 50

Reach out / Stay in Touch... Please let me know how I can support you in your personal sexual health. Also, I regularly make appearances, facilitate workshops and teach retreats. If you would like to be notified about new opportunities I offer, let me know...

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Eau de Authentic

Text Version: Recently at the gym, fresh out of the locker room shower came a gentleman who might be described as a man from the old country – and I mean no disrespect by this. He grumbled a heavy accent. When he groomed himself before the mirror, he...

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